Art Literacy 

School Volunteer Coordinator

Job Description


The Art Literacy Coordinator (or team) at each school site is responsible for:

1.    Copying lesson and production materials for the volunteers for each artist presentation.

2.    Presenting each lesson to the volunteers during training meetings throughout the year. Meeting times and number are to be determined by the coordinator(s) on a site by site basis.

3.    Helping to recruit classroom volunteers, when needed, in conjunction with the school Volunteer Coordinator.

4.    Maintaining a master calendar of scheduled classroom presentations and volunteer training meetings.

5.    Maintaining a roster of the Art Literacy volunteers.

6.    Inventory and exchange of the artist box materials with the schools in their assigned block. (Three schools share the materials on a rotational basis during the year.)

7.    Attending district coordinator meetings a year. One each in September, January and May.

8.    Communicating with principal, teachers, parents and PTC or PTO groups as needed regarding scheduling, yearly funding and equipment needs.

9.    Communicating with the two Art Literacy Volunteer Coordinators employed by the school district.

10.  Displaying a bulletin board in conjunction with each artist presentation, if one is available. 

All of the lesson materials are supplied for each school including slides and/or a PowerPoint presentation, lesson plans (K-2, 3-5 & middle school versions), bulletin board materials, production samples, artist biographical information and books.

Each site based parent group (PTO, PTC) provides funds for the purchase of the art production supplies used by the students and assist in providing the necessary equipment for presenting the lessons. (Slide projector or laptop and projector.)

Two school district employees also provide support and monthly email communication to all school coordinators.






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