The Beaverton School District in Beaverton, Oregon, is home to an exceptional, volunteer-staffed elementary and middle school art education program called Art Literacy. About 1,600 volunteers are participating in Art Literacy in the current year in 48 Beaverton K-8 schools.

Volunteers go into classrooms to give a visual presentation on an artist which is followed by a hands-on art project with the students.

During the year there are six different lessons presented in elementary schools and three lessons at the middle school level. Volunteers are trained before every lesson by a volunteer site based coordinator at each school.


The program’s elementary curriculum is based on 72 artists and the middle schools' curriculum has over 40 artists. The students study European masters, renowned American artists, some living and local artists, and cultural arts. For example, Marc Chagall, Bev Doolittle, Dale Chihuly, Claude Monet, Beatrix Potter, Grandma Moses, Faith Ringgold, Mary Cassatt, Deborah Butterfield, Rembrandt, Frank Lloyd Wright, the Canadian Inuit, Ancient Greece, and Korea, are all part of the curriculum. 

For a complete listing of the artist/culture materials in the program, see the Box Rotation Schedule.

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about the Art Literacy program, please contact Cathy Lamb at