The Ideal Art Literacy Volunteer:

• Attends all of the Training Meetings

Volunteers are  prepared to present each lesson. If a volunteer is unable to attend a training meeting, it is their responsibility to obtain and prepare for it. There are several ways to do this:

1) Sit in on another classroom presentation prior to their presentation.

2) Study the materials at home or when they are not in use at school.

3) Discuss the lesson with the Art Literacy coordinator in person, by phone or email.

• Acts Professionally

Although the job is voluntary, the commitment is professional. Besides being responsible for maintaining an attitude of mutual respect and confidence, volunteers should also become familiar with school and classroom policies and practices. Working with the students, teaching staff and other volunteers requires a friendly attitude and flexibility.

• Schedules the Presentations in Advance

Confirm the presentation date with the classroom teacher ahead of time and be punctual. If a volunteer must cancel the presentation on the day they are scheduled to do it, please contact the office and leave a message for the teacher. Follow the procedure outlined by the school coordinator to reschedule a lesson.

• Practices and Prepares for the Production

Be prepared if there are any production materials volunteers need to prepare ahead of time for the lesson. It is also very helpful if the volunteers try the production themselves. The school Coordinator is responsible for letting volunteers know if there is any prep work for a lesson production at the training meeting. After the lesson, leave the materials organized for the next classroom volunteer and if something needs attention, the volunteer should contact their Art Literacy school coordinator.

• Knows how to use the Equipment

It is the volunteers’ responsibility to become familiar with the equipment used for presenting the visual portion of the lesson. In turn, it is the coordinators responsibility to be sure the volunteers know how to use it.

• Works with other Classroom Volunteers

It has always been the policy of the Art Literacy organization to allow all volunteers who desire to participate in classroom presentations to be able to do so.

Some options for accommodating more than one parent volunteer in the same classroom are:

1. Alternate the presentations of the lessons between the volunteers.

2. Split the lesson into the visual and production portions, one person leading each.

3. Act as an assistant during the classroom presentation and skip the homework!

• Enjoys teaching students and learning along with them.