Time Breakdown in the Classroom

There are two versions of each lesson Plan. The simpler K-2nd lesson version allows for differences in the learning abilities and objectives of younger students. These lessons usually have fewer images and simpler text.

The more detailed lesson developed for 3rd-5th grades includes additional images and information to meet the requirements in art education for these grades and gives volunteers greater background information.

●   The amount of time spent on the presentation should vary depending on grade level. 

K-1st grade students = 15 minutes for PowerPoint and 30-45 minutes for project set up, clean up

2nd -3rd grade students = 20 minutes for PowerPoint and 30-40 minutes for project set up, clean up

4th to 5th grade = 25-30 minutes for PowerPoint and 30-35 minutes for project set up, clean up

6th-8th grades students = 25-30 minutes for PowerPoint and 25-40 minutes for project set up, clean up


●   A major goal for the visual portion of the lesson is to have students engaged in active participation and discussion.

Studies show we learn 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we both see and hear, 70% of what is discussed with others, 80% of what we experience personally and 95% of what we teach someone else. Including visual, auditory and kinesthetic opportunities for learning reaches a greater number of students.

Most of us agree that there is not enough art education in our schools today.

A large part of how Art Literacy is different from art done in the classroom is in the learning of new vocabulary, historical information, processes, materials, reasons for creating art and how we feel about it.…and then once in a while, a masterpiece happens.