2019 Art Literacy Monthly Palette


Volunteer Appreciation Time

Everyone appreciates an acknowledgement of their time and commitment, whether a note at your last training or a small token of thanks.

Save the Date - Spring Coordinators’Meeting- Tuesday, May 28th

This is our last get together for the year and opportunity to preview artist lessons you will have next year. Please bring samples of the art productions you have done this year to share with the school coordinators who will have the lessons next year.  

Box Turn-In Date is MONDAY, JUNE 1Oth

Melody will send the main contact at each school, information in May with the procedure for turning in your boxes. Please reply and confirm which boxes you have at that time.

Give volunteers the last date to present the lesson at the beginning of May and put it on your master calendar.

Choose the date you need to be able to inventory the boxes you have and turn them in on or before June 10th.

Tip: If volunteers can access the power points without the flash drive, you can take down the bulletin board, turn in the materials and let volunteers teach as long as you wish.


Middle School Rotation for Fall

Later this month, Melody will send the rotation schedule choices to the Middle School Coordinators asking you to choose which three artist boxes you want to present next year.

You must make your choice before the end of May.

After that time, you will not have priority for use. If you have questions about them, contact Melody.


Who will be coordinating the Art Literacy program at your school next year?

Now is the time to recruit coordinators if changes are taking place.

Please send names and emails for new coordinators to Jill_bogle@beaverton.k12.or.us

I will update the roster and email lists and invite them to the May meeting.


Thanks for everything and hope you enjoyed your Spring Break.  

Now, if only Spring would warm up!



February and March are combined for your fourth artist lesson. Inventory and exchange your January artist box by the end of February, at the latest.


Coordinator Meeting Information 1-31-19.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Winter Coordinators Meeting.  Here is a quick overview:

We reviewed the 2018-19 School Status Report. It was sent to all Beaverton site based coordinators.


* The annual Portland Art Museum trip is coming up in April. 

This event is usually mid-April, with this years schedule TBA.  Coming soon!

An opportunity to invite potential new coordinators or those already joining your team for next year.


*  Reviewed a collection of classroom art media for a hands-on experience for attendees. 

Hands on with color sticks, air dry clay and model magic. Costs and uses also discussed.

Highlighed product - UHaul packing paper, an inexpensive way to cover tables or get newsprint.


* Feedback from one coordinator who is putting together project boards for each lesson - “it has been a game changer”. 


Raffle prizes were given away and all enjoyed being able to share ideas.



DATES To Remember 

No School - Monday, February 18th, President’s Day

Spring Coordinators’ Meeting for BSD Coordinators is Tuesday, May 28th



Tip: Volunteer  Missed Lesson.

By arrangement, if you have a volunteer who missed giving the immediately previous lesson and they still wish to do it, here is a way they can.

Leave a copy of the power point for the missed lesson on the desktop of your school laptop.

Find a tub or box to keep the art supplies in. Volunteers can quickly load the cart with the box of supplies and remove it when they have finished.

Once the volunteer has completed it, you can delete the power points.