2017 Art Literacy Monthly Palette

 Here is your “November Palette” - Things to keep in mind:

School Status Reports are due this week. You will see the information from all of the schools compiled at the end of January. If you have any questions about the form, let me know.

Check with your volunteers for questions, issues or concerns that may have come up after the first artist presentation. Follow up with any volunteers who seem to be having trouble getting scheduled on the calendar.

Inventory your first box before passing it on and when you receive the next one.If items are missing from your new box, contact the coordinator you received the box from.

If you have leftover production materials from your first lesson, check with the coordinator you are passing the box to and see if they may be able to use them. Add any notes about that may be useful about your production in the #2 Comment section of the notebook.

Save samples of your first two art projectsto share with the other coordinators in your block at the January meeting. You will also need these to share with schools who will have your artist block next year at the May meeting.



November and December are combined for the second artist presentation in the rotation. We advise you to trade your first artist box in the next few weeks before the holiday season gets too busy.

You will be using those boxes for January presentations, so getting ready early might give you a Winter Break with no "Art Lit" homework! (I know it sounds so far away, but...how time flies!)

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy any and all of your family traditions that the season brings!


September Palette News



·         Recruit volunteers with sign up information.

·         Obtain a list of classes and teachers by grade level (this can also be found on your school website which you can find through the BSD website). You should know how many classrooms need volunteers and the number of students you will be purchasing supplies for. You may need to recheck with the secretary about the total number of students and classrooms at the end of September as numbers can be in flux until then.

·         Create a roster of your teachers and assigned volunteers. Include contact information for each volunteer.

·         Schedule your first artist training and notify volunteers of date, time and location.  It’s a good idea to make reminder calls or send emails a few days before the meeting.

·         Attend Back to School Night or your school’s Volunteer Orientation Meeting to recruit volunteers. In classes which still need volunteers, send home another request letter.


Lesson Prep

·         Go through your first two boxes to evaluate what you will need for production materials and how to budget your funds.

·         Purchase supplies for art productions. Keep a copy of your invoice for reimbursement from your PTO.

·         Prepare all materials needed for your first training meeting, including lessons with productions materials, calendar information, volunteer expectations, volunteer roster, etc. These are available from the BAL Volunteer Coordinator and also at the District meeting.

·         Add any specific product ordering information that could be helpful to the next school in the notebook in Section 2.


Meeting Dates

·         Decide how to manage scheduling of the lessons for the year (online calendar, each volunteer schedules their own, pre-schedule for the year etc.)

·         Plan your meeting dates and other dates for the year and have a designated master calendar for Art Literacy.

·         Ask the school secretaryto include these dates on the school’s online master calendar.

·         Also, check your schools master calendar on the school website for Conference Days which are usually No School Days, and other special events at your school. 

·         Check the BSD master calendar for “No School” dates available on the BSD website.

·         Fill out a Building Use Form to meet at the school after regular hours on the BSD website.



·         Communicate with staff to get them excited about artists to be presented this year. Send them email or a note in their mailbox with a list of artists and art focus for the year.

·         Send information about their assigned volunteer(s) to them. This could be sending out your roster.

·         Let staff know how the scheduling of lessons will be done and where they can find the master calendar and procedure for rescheduling presentations.



·         Find out from your parent teacher organization how much they have budgeted for Art Literacy for this year.

Keep in mind, a $150 program fee will be paid to the district out of these funds as well unless you request an exception from the Art Literacy Volunteer Coordinator.

·         Attend your school’s parent organization meeting (PTO) if possible, to keep them updated on the Art Literacy.

·         Meet briefly with your principal to discuss plans for the year. Ask if you can include an update about the artists you will be studying in the school newsletter each month. Check the handout section of each artist notebook for examples. This can be emailed to whoever puts the newsletter together and if possible and applicable, send it early enough to have it translated into Spanish or run it through the Google translator online.


Attend the Beaverton Art Literacy Coordinator’s Meeting this month and New Coordinators Tea if you are new to the role.


April Palette

TIP: Heard from a reliable source, Blick Weekend sales are often better than during the week : -)

Volunteer Appreciation Time

Time to think about an end-of-year thank you for your volunteers…

Everyone appreciates an acknowledgement of their time and commitment, whether a treat and a note at your last training or a small token of thanks.


Portland Art Museum Tour Next Week!

I will be sending out an email tomorrow to my “Yes” RSVP list.

It will be your group assignment for the museum. If you don’t get the email and are planning to come, let me know which day ASAP!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before our scheduled tour time.

Tuesday the 11th, tour starts at 12:30 p.m.

Friday the 15th, tour starts at 12:30 p.m.

Meet in the sculpture court on the right hand side of the museum as you face the building at 12:15 p.m.


Spring Coordinators’ Meeting Friday, June 2nd

Gather and bring samples of the art productions you have done this year to share with the school coordinators who will have the lessons next year.

Come ready to share with each other what worked and what didn’t. If you know you will be unable to attend this meeting, please see if you can find a volunteer willing to attend in your place. You will be receiving an evite for this meeting mid-May.

Optionally, bring your photos for the Bulletin Board Contest and/or New Productions (if you have something new that is not in the notebook already.) If you have a new production idea, please write instructions with a supply list. This may be hand written. Pictures or samples are required to win a contest. Sharing your ideas enriches all the boxes!

Box Turn-In Date is FRIDAY, JUNE 16th

Put the last date on the calendar volunteers can use the materials.

Naturally, you can give your volunteers whatever date you need in order to be able to inventory the last box and have it ready to turn in on or before June 16th.

Melody will send the main contact at each school, information in mid-May letting you know the procedure for turning in your boxes and to confirm which boxes you have to turn in.


Middle School Rotation for Fall

Next month, Melody will be sending out the rotation schedule choices for Middle School programs and asking you to choose which artist boxes you want to have next year. Just a heads up…

Middle School coordinators must make your choice before the end of May.

After that time, the list is open to private schools which use our materials and you will not have priority for use. If you have questions about the boxes, contact Melody.


Who will be coordinating the Art Literacy program at your school next year?

Now is the time to recruit coordinators if changes are taking place.

Please be sure to let me know about those changes so I can update the roster and email lists and make sure new coordinators are invited to the June meeting.


February Palette

February and March are combined for your fourth artist presentation in the rotation. Inventory and exchange your January artist box by the end of February, early March at the latest.

These are the boxes schools should be using in April, according to the rotation. Exchanging boxes by early March allows everyone to have time to prepare lessons and purchase materials for the April presentations.

Email volunteers and ask them to try to catch up on missed presentations from our snow days.If you start the next artist lesson in February and still have classes to make up, leave a copy of the power points on the desktop of your school laptop. Once the volunteers have a chance to make up the lesson you can delete them.

Find a tub or box to keep the supplies in for the make-up lesson. Volunteers can quickly load the cart with the box of supplies from the missed lesson and remove it when they have finished.

No School Dates

      Monday, February 20th, President’s Day

The revised school district calendar is attached to this email and also available on the school district website.Four days have been added.

Feb. 3rd, March 10th, April 28th & June 22nd.

Please mark your Art Literacy calendars with these updates.

We have also changed the box turn in date from Monday, June 12th to Friday, June 16th


Coordinator Meeting Information

Documents sent to you via email included:

School Status Report– if there are mistakes or missing information you’d like to add, email Jill.

Information for scheduling Building Use– This is for outside of regular school hours only. Ideally, district Facility Use would like to have this scheduled with them if your meeting is after 4 PM. I have been told this allows them to make sure there is a custodian in the building and someone to let you in. It also addresses insurance issues.

I have found it is a good idea to leave the custodian a note the day of your meeting to remind them what time you will need to be let into the building anyway. This tip works whether or not you have added your meeting onto this calendar or just your school calendar.

This is the link to the BSD webpage for Facility Use. https://www.beaverton.k12.or.us/district/facility-use 

Best Practices for Coordinatorsa list of 10 things that you likely already do! If not, some food for thought.



Some of the images in Art Literacy program include guidelines on religion or nudity for use in education.

If one of the lessons you are using includes these guidelines, please meet with your principal before starting the lesson. We want them to be aware of potential concerns which may come to them from parents. If the principal has concerns about a lesson, contact Melody to address or change them in the lesson.


Please SAVE the DATE

Spring Coordinators’ Meeting is

Friday, June 2nd

Save samples of each of your art productions to bring and share with the schools that will have them next year.

Bring your bulletin board photos and NEW production ideas with written instructions and samples to enter into our contests.

This applies to art projects that are not in the notebook or an alteration of one in the box. If you have added materials or options for an existing production, please leave those updates in the back pocket of notebook.

Wishing for signs of spring!

Jill and Melody


January Art Palette

Save the Date! Winter Coordinators’ Meeting

Friday, January 27th   from 9:00-11:00 a.m.

Beaverton School District main office

Please bring samples of your first two or three artist productions to the meeting.

This is a good time to find a sample or make one (if you can’t find it or forgot) so you are able to share what your school did and learned with the other coordinators in your block.

I will send the Evite for the meeting next week. Please RSVP as to whether or not you plan to attend, even if maybe.

  • Missing four days before break, means two days will be added to the end of the year.

Last Day of School will be Friday, June 23rd.

Presentations that were unable to be made due to those closures may still be done if you copy the Power Points (before passing on the box) onto the desktop of your laptop. Keep the supplies available for volunteers to catch up. Ask them to try to reschedule by Spring Break. Hopefully, that will be the last of missed days!

** No School Monday, January 16th in observance of Martin Luther King Day.


  • Inventory your Nov/Dec box and exchange it in the next week or so.

When you get your next box, inventory it before you start it. This is a good way to catch anything that is missing right away.


  • Eagle Eye ContestPlease send Melody any errors you find in the lessons or Power Point presentations. Be specific about page, paragraph and error. You will be entered into a raffle for each error you find.

This week, I found the order mixed up for two images in a 3-5 Power Point that schools have been using for five years! How does that happen?


  • Bulletin Board Contest–Save and bring pictures to the May Coordinators’ Meeting so we can add your ideas to the notebooks. Prizes are given for the most original new ideas, (not necessarily the most work either!) so start taking those pictures! Pictures will not be returned since they go into the notebooks.


  • New Production Contest– Save and enter your samples and written instructions for new production ideas you come up with this year. This does not include an idea currently in the notebook you have reworked with new media etc. Prizes are given and your ideas are put into the notebooks over the summer.

We hope to see you at the Coordinators’ meeting in three weeks!


Jill and Melody