May 2019 Art Literacy Monthly Palette

May already!  Please make note ~

  • Spring Coordinators’ Meeting – Save the date: Tuesday, May 28th.
  • 9:00-11:00 a.m. at the District office
  • Bring productions you have done this year to share between blocks and get a preview of projects for next year.
  • Optionally, bring any pictures you have for the Bulletin Board Contest and/or New Production Ideas with samples and written instructions. 
  • Contest Info is attached.

Please RSVP to the evite when it is sent out next week.



Send Jill Names and Emails for New Coordinators ASAP.

They will be invited to the May meeting.

A job description for coordinators is available. In recruiting it can be helpful to take an artist box to the meeting to show volunteers the materials provided to run a program.

As one coordinator put it, “I sell it!” 



The roster was sent to you to confirm the information.

If you are a coordinator at an elementary or middle school who is “Retiring” and it is not indicated on the roster, please send updates to Jill.


NEW Elementary 2019-2020 Box Rotation Schedule

The rotation schedule for next year was sent to you.

Contact Melody at if you have questions about it.   


Middle School Coordinators ONLY

Melody has sent an email to the MS main contacts asking you to choose your boxes for next year. Do this before May 31st. Your choices may be limited after this date.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Melody.


BOX TURN IN DATE - Monday June 10TH No Exceptions.

Each school is responsible for returning their boxes to Melody per her instructions.

You may also turn them in early if you are finished with them.

Please respond to the email Melody recently sent all main contacts if you have not done so yet and let her know which boxes are in your possession.


What do I do with leftover production or large bulletin board materials I do not want? Do not put them into the boxes or leave them on Melody’s front porch. We have no place to store them. Bring them to the coordinators meeting if you wish and pass them on to the schools which may have use for them next year. If no one wants them, please recycle them.



The Main contact at each school will be notified when the boxes are ready to be picked up this summer. If someone from your block picks up all of the boxes, Melody will let you know. In that case, you will work together with the schools in your block to distribute them.