2018 Art Literacy Monthly Palette

May '18


Send Jill names and emails for new coordinators ASAP.

They will be invited to the May meeting.



If you are a coordinator at an elementary or middle school and are retiring, please let me know.


NEW Elementary 2018-2019 Box Rotation Schedule

Contact Melody at Melody_Ball@beaverton.k12.or.us if you have questions about it.   


Middle School Coordinators ONLY

Melody is sending an email to the MS main contacts this week for you to choose your boxes for next year. Do this before May 31st. Your choices may be limited after this date.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Melody.


BOX TURN IN DATE -  Tuesday June 12TH No Exceptions.

The main contact at each school will be receiving an email later this month, asking for confirmation for the artist boxes you have.

Each school is responsible for returning their boxes to Melody per her instructions.

Please respond to her email at that time to let her know which boxes you have.


What do I do with leftover production or large bulletin board materials I do not want? Do not put them into the boxes or leave them on Melody’s front porch. We have no place to store them.Bring them to the coordinators meeting if you wish and pass them on to the schools which may have use for them next year. If no one wants them, please recycle them.


The main contacts at each school will be notified when the boxes are ready to be picked up this summer. If someone from your block picks up all of the boxes, Melody will let you know. In that case, you will contact them to get your first two boxes.




'18 March 

Life happens, so does weather.  

To help keep Elementary on schedule, we are recommending a time frame for exchanging boxes. 

Here it is for the rest of the year:

Box you used in January deliver to next school by week of February 20th -23rd, this was last week (lessons used in April.)

Box you use in Feb/March  - deliver to next school by week of April 2nd-6th, right after spring break ( lessons used in May.) 

These last two boxes you will keep and return to Melody in June.

Contact Melody or myself if you are having issues getting your next box a week past the end of these dates. Please do not wait until it is urgent for you. 


You can send a box to the next school even if you are not quite done teaching the lesson. Take down any bulletin board materials you used and return them to the box. 

Arrange to send any templates you are using to the next school ASAP. Or, make your own to keep. 

You can copy the PPt to your laptop and delete it when finished.

But pass the box on.

We suggest, rather than push out the start of a new lesson, overlap the last few lessons, with the start of the next one. Otherwise, you will fall behind. 


Save the Date

Mark your calendar if you wish to join us at one of our Portland Art Museum docent led tours. 

Choose between Friday, April 20th or Tuesday, April 24th.  Both are afternoon times. Evites will be sent in April. 



The information for the Celebration of Creativity Art Show and Sale can be found at http://www.celebrationofcreativity.com/


 Art Literacy February Palette

February and March are combined for your fourth artist presentation in the rotation. Inventory and exchange your January artist box by the end of February, at the latest.

We recently had information of school using an online calendar for the Art Lit schedule which had three volunteers listed on it without background checks. Do you know about yours?

To be sure all of your Art Literacy volunteers have completed background checks, we are asking you give your school secretary the roster of your volunteers and kindly ask them to check to be sure all of them have complied.

If not, you will need to follow up with them and let them know they are not allowed in a classroom until they complete this process.

Please do this by the first of March.


Art Literacy Class Scheduling -  

To help provide the best security and transparency for Art Literacy in schools, the district is requiring all Art Literacy scheduled lessons to be entered into the Volunteer Management System at each school. Their goal is for all volunteers working in schools to have completed background checks and sign in for specific classroom activities on their My Volunteer Page (MVP). 

As a benefit, this may create more visibility for Art Literacy and make tracking hours more accurate, which is important for many reasons.

Johanna acknowledged this is a process, but one we should be working toward by next fall.


DATES to Remember

Portland Art Museum Docent Tours– Friday April 20th, 1PM or Tues. April 24th, 12:45 PM

Spring Coordinators’ Meeting is Thursday, May 31st (evites will be sent for two these events)


Tip: Catch up on a missed lesson.

By arrangement, if you have a volunteer who missed giving the immediately previous lesson and they still wish to do it, here is a way they can.

Leave a copy of the power point for the missed lesson on the desktop of your school laptop.

Find a tub or box to keep the art supplies in. Volunteers can quickly load the cart with the box of supplies and remove it when they have finished.

Once the volunteer has completed it, you can delete the power points and put away supplies.



 Here is your 2017 “November Palette” - Things to keep in mind:

School Status Reports are due this week. You will see the information from all of the schools compiled at the end of January. If you have any questions about the form, let me know.

Check with your volunteers for questions, issues or concerns that may have come up after the first artist presentation. Follow up with any volunteers who seem to be having trouble getting scheduled on the calendar.

Inventory your first box before passing it on and when you receive the next one.If items are missing from your new box, contact the coordinator you received the box from.

If you have leftover production materials from your first lesson, check with the coordinator you are passing the box to and see if they may be able to use them. Add any notes about that may be useful about your production in the #2 Comment section of the notebook.

Save samples of your first two art projectsto share with the other coordinators in your block at the January meeting. You will also need these to share with schools who will have your artist block next year at the May meeting.



November and December are combined for the second artist presentation in the rotation. We advise you to trade your first artist box in the next few weeks before the holiday season gets too busy.

You will be using those boxes for January presentations, so getting ready early might give you a Winter Break with no "Art Lit" homework! (I know it sounds so far away, but...how time flies!)

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy any and all of your family traditions that the season brings!


September Palette News



·         Recruit volunteers with sign up information.

·         Obtain a list of classes and teachers by grade level (this can also be found on your school website which you can find through the BSD website). You should know how many classrooms need volunteers and the number of students you will be purchasing supplies for. You may need to recheck with the secretary about the total number of students and classrooms at the end of September as numbers can be in flux until then.

·         Create a roster of your teachers and assigned volunteers. Include contact information for each volunteer.

·         Schedule your first artist training and notify volunteers of date, time and location.  It’s a good idea to make reminder calls or send emails a few days before the meeting.

·         Attend Back to School Night or your school’s Volunteer Orientation Meeting to recruit volunteers. In classes which still need volunteers, send home another request letter.


Lesson Prep

·         Go through your first two boxes to evaluate what you will need for production materials and how to budget your funds.

·         Purchase supplies for art productions. Keep a copy of your invoice for reimbursement from your PTO.

·         Prepare all materials needed for your first training meeting, including lessons with productions materials, calendar information, volunteer expectations, volunteer roster, etc. These are available from the BAL Volunteer Coordinator and also at the District meeting.

·         Add any specific product ordering information that could be helpful to the next school in the notebook in Section 2.


Meeting Dates

·         Decide how to manage scheduling of the lessons for the year (online calendar, each volunteer schedules their own, pre-schedule for the year etc.)

·         Plan your meeting dates and other dates for the year and have a designated master calendar for Art Literacy.

·         Ask the school secretaryto include these dates on the school’s online master calendar.

·         Also, check your schools master calendar on the school website for Conference Days which are usually No School Days, and other special events at your school. 

·         Check the BSD master calendar for “No School” dates available on the BSD website.

·         Fill out a Building Use Form to meet at the school after regular hours on the BSD website.



·         Communicate with staff to get them excited about artists to be presented this year. Send them email or a note in their mailbox with a list of artists and art focus for the year.

·         Send information about their assigned volunteer(s) to them. This could be sending out your roster.

·         Let staff know how the scheduling of lessons will be done and where they can find the master calendar and procedure for rescheduling presentations.



·         Find out from your parent teacher organization how much they have budgeted for Art Literacy for this year.

Keep in mind, a $150 program fee will be paid to the district out of these funds as well unless you request an exception from the Art Literacy Volunteer Coordinator.

·         Attend your school’s parent organization meeting (PTO) if possible, to keep them updated on the Art Literacy.

·         Meet briefly with your principal to discuss plans for the year. Ask if you can include an update about the artists you will be studying in the school newsletter each month. Check the handout section of each artist notebook for examples. This can be emailed to whoever puts the newsletter together and if possible and applicable, send it early enough to have it translated into Spanish or run it through the Google translator online.


Attend the Beaverton Art Literacy Coordinator’s Meeting this month and New Coordinators Tea if you are new to the role.



Jill and Melody