Become an ART LITERACY Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers for Beaverton school classrooms. This is a wonderful volunteer opportunity and one we hope you will consider becoming a part of.

What is Art Literacy?                     

It is a volunteer program in the Beaverton elementary and middle schools in which a different artist is introduced to each class several times a year. Art from a culture is also included.

But I don’t know anything about art…I can’t even pronounce the names!       

No problem! All you need is an interest in art, the ability to present the lesson to a class and a desire to add value to our students art education.

How do I know what to present in the classroom?           

The volunteers meet at their school before each new artist presentation to hear about that month’s lesson. The meeting includes seeing the classroom PowerPoint presentation and review of the art production for the students with the materials and instructions provided for you.

What kind of time commitment are we talking about?    

Normally a 60 to 90 minute training meeting for each artist. The classroom presentation is about an hour, plus time for set up and clean up. Total is about three hours per artist.

Sounds too complicated…                           

Art Literacy is FUN-- no kidding. It is designed to be easy to present to the students and we walk you all the way through the lesson just like you will present it to the class. Plus, you get to learn right along with the students.


Please join us in bringing Art Literacy to Beaverton Classrooms!


For more detailed information, see "Volunteering" under this section.

If you would like more information about the program or are interested in volunteering in one of our elementary or middle schools as a Community Volunteer, contact Cathy Lamb at